Wizard of Oz Cast List

Thank you all who auditioned.  Please email nitaj.lyt@gmail.com to accept/decline your role by midnight tonight. We are looking forward to a beautiful show.

Dorothy Gale – Katy Smith
Aunt Em/ Tree / Ozian –  Skylar Hutchens
Uncle Henry – Bryant Allen
Zeke/Cowardly Lion  –  Carson Shoaf
Hickory/ Tin Man – Isaac Jenkins
Hunk/Scarecrow –  Brayden Daugherty
Miss Almira Gultch/ West Witch – Rachel Huneycutt
Prof. Chester Marvel / Oz –
Glenda Good Witch –  Emma Peters
Munchkins Mayor/Emerald City Guard/ Ozian  – Grayson Humphrey
Munchkin Coroner / Ozian  –TBD
Munchkin Barrister / Ozian – TBD
Lollipop Guild / Ozian/ Monkey  – Weston Smith
Lollipop Guild / Ozian / Winkie – Noah Dagenhardt
Lollipop Guild / Ozian / Monkey – Tabor Frick 
Lullaby League/ Ozian – Michelle Matthews, Gabrielle Ricks, Eva Whitaker
Nikko (Commander of Monkeys) / Munchkin / Ozian –
Crows/Munchkins/Ozian  – Joey Braley, Isabella Byerly
Tree/Munchkin/ Ozian/ Winkie – Jenna Everhart, Grace Hopkins, Eva Walters, Lauren Huneycutt 

Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian –  Bryson Frick 
Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian  – Damion Gober
Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian  – Gabe Herbert 
Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian  – Miley McKinney
Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian  – Danielle Cerecke
Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian  – Macy Koonts
Munchkins/Ozian/Winkie  – Khenna Lankford
Munchkins/Ozian/Winkie  – Makenna Hedrick
Munchkins/Ozian/Winkie  – Leah Frick
Munchkins/Ozian/Winkie  – Allison Dagenhardt
Munchkin/Ozian  – Allyson Steele

*Thank you all very much for an excellent audition. As you can see, since we have such a small cast, we need each and every one of you to play multiple roles and stay healthy to have a successful production. Additional solos (characters) will be cast during the first read-thru. Bobby