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Thank you for your interest in arts education for children and live theatre for the community! There are many opportunities for you to help.

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Corporate Producer (gift of $5000 or more~8 reserved seating tickets)

Producer (gift of $2500 or more~ 12 regular seating tickets)

Associate Producer (gift of $1000 or more~8 regular seating tickets)

Stage Manager (gift of $500 or more~8 regular seating tickets)

 Assistant Stage Manager (gift of $250 – $499-6 regular seating tickets)

 Show Patron (gift of $100 – $249-4 regular seating tickets)

 Theatre Lover (gift of $50 – $99-2 regular seating tickets)


Buy a Program Ad for 2019/2020 season

(Elf, November 2019 and Shrek March 2020)

Print Ad Form here: Advertisement Form 2019/2020

Advertisment purchased will be in the program for Elf and Shrek

1/8 Page Ad                $50

1/4 Page Ad                $100

1/2 Page Ad                $200

Full Page Ad               $400


When You Support LYT You Are . . .

  • Helping teach children important life skills like teamwork, cooperation, commitment, and poise under pressure. Children practice as much as an LYT cast member as they would on a sports team, and often more.
  • Making acting, music, and dance lessons and preparation affordable to young people. Most theatre companies charge students $400-500 each to participate, plus expenses; at LYT, the out-of-pocket cost is a nominal fee.
  • Keeping local arts and live theatre alive and well in Uptown Lexington.
  • Part of an important legacy . . . LYT is one the oldest nonprofit theatre companies in the United States devoted entirely to young people grades K-12.

The children work hard to put on an amazing show, but they can’t make the magic happen alone. The parents can’t make it happen alone. LYT as a nonprofit can’t make it happen alone.

 We need your support too, to make the magic of live theatre happen!  

Lexington, NC