Sound of Music Audition Information!

Please download the following forms and fill them out before auditions. You must bring these forms with you. All forms are PDFs.

1. Waiver of Liability

2. Contact Medical Release

3. LYT Audition-Form

4. COVID Form

Are you ready to audition for The Sound of Music?

*We hope the following information will give you the best audition possible.
Audition dates: January 10th or 11th.
We will have a callback on Thursday, January 13th.
Location: 4 East Third Avenue, Lexington
Auditions are open to 3rd through 12th grade.
At this time Face Coverings will be required to be worn during practice.  The board will evaluate this policy each week.
NO Exemptions!
Here are a few tips to help your audition go smooth…
*Your music piece should be no more than sixteen bars of a piece that shows your range. (Pick the best part of the song. You don’t have to start at the beginning.) Bring music on a CD (no words), bring a phone with music, or bring sheet music for our pianist.
*Dance auditions will be taught! Please wear appropriate clothes and shoes.
*Acquaint yourself with the show- watch the movie, check the Internet, or YouTube. Be informed!! You will be confident and have a better audition.
*If doing a resume (not required) Make sure your resume is up to date and have a headshot that looks like YOU! Your resume should be one page, and your headshot should be attached and look professional. That is the first thing a director sees. Make a good impression.
*BE ON TIME!!! Sign-in starts at 3:30 must be signed in by 5:30. Bring all necessary audition forms with a headshot.
(Forms can be found below)
*Dress appropriately!
*Look and act confident as you walk in the room. Keep your shoulders back, walk tall, head held high. As you take your position center stage, smile, address the directors with “Good Afternoon” or “Hello” and announce your name. Take a deep breath just before you sing your first note. Begin! You should know your music!!! If you forget your words, breeze over it, keep going – finish with a smile and a thank you and leave with confidence.
*Do not have gum or a throat lozenge in your mouth. Sing with expression. Don’t overdo hand or arm motions or try to dance. Don’t grab your clothes or play with your fingers or hands. Just SING. Use your technique that you have learned and do the best you can.
*After your audition, smile, and say thank you! Present a good attitude. Accept any part you are offered as an opportunity to grow and learn.
The audition process is a great learning and growing process for you.