Parent Volunteer Form

Please click here to print and sign the Parent Volunteer Form  Parent Volunteer Form

LYT Parent Volunteer Requirements:                              

This promises to be a very exciting show.  However, as in previous years, we need your help!  First, though, we want to thank all of you who have faithfully volunteered often and wherever needed to help make previous shows successful.  We need ALL of you to help.  It is ONLY because of parent and family volunteers that we can keep LYT going!  We are now requiring that each cast participant has parents/guardians or family members volunteer throughout the show preparation and during tech week.  For those unable to commit to the required volunteer sessions, we will accept a $50 donation per child involved in the show in lieu of volunteer hours.  Thanks for your understanding!

Parent Name:___________________________________________________________ 

Cast Member(s):________________________________________________________

 Phone Numbers:_______________________________________________________           Email(s):_________________________________________________________________

VOLUNTEER HOURS BEFORE TECH WEEK:     Parents/Guardians/Family required to help at least five times:  Please check one or more.  (We will have signup sheets at parent meeting):                                                                                                                             ____Parent volunteer at rehearsals (We need lots of help here!!)

____Build sets, paint, etc. (no experience necessary)

____Publicity (contact local Radio, Television, Print and Electronic media to publicize our show)

VOLUNTEER HOURS DURING TECH WEEK:   Parents/Guardians/Family required to help at least two times: Please check that you will help. (We will have signup sheets at rehearsals)                                                                                                                  __________You will be assigned as needed (Ushers, Lobby Help, Dressing Room Help, Back Door, Silent Auction, Kitchen, Hair/Makeup, Costumes, etc.)

***  ONLY parents who have signed up to work a particular day during tech week will be issued back stage passes and allowed backstage on that day!


FUND RAISINGI will help raise money in one or more of the following ways:

____Sell a minimum of 10 tickets (one free ticket for every ten sold up to tech week)

       Solicit at least $100.00 of patron donations

____Sell at least $100.00 of program advertising

____Help procure items for Lobby Silent Auction (required)

 **All cast members are required to procure one item for silent auction.

 I agree to abide by the terms of the above Parent Volunteer Form: