LYT Microphone Policies

1)     LYT has invested over $10,000 in our microphone system—money hard earned through fund raisers.  The same is true of the Civic Center microphone system. Please treat all microphones with great care—they are very fragile.  Just the wire portion of the mic is over $100 to replace and they break easily if yanked on or twisted.

2)     LYT  staff are responsible for installing and removing body mics onto cast members.  Cast members are not to install or remove their own or someone else’s microphone wire and/or body pack.

3)     Cast members are not to push any buttons on their body pack microphones.

4)     If a cast member’s mic wire needs adjusting, they need to see the appropriate LYT personnel.

5)     Cast members using microphones should come to the mic table with their mic pouch already in place.  They should save that mic pouch and use it for every performance.  They are to turn the mic pouch in after the last performance. (This is not subject to a fine)

6)     Any cast member using a microphone must stop by the mic table after the show and have their mic removed before they can exit to the lobby to visit with friends and family.

7)     Consequences of mis-handling and abuse of LYT microphones:

a.      A fine of $10.00 will be levied for each violation of a microphone rule.

b.     Intentional abuse that requires a repair will be the responsibility of the cast member or their parent to pay.

c.      Any unpaid microphone fines or repairs will result in the ineligibility of the cast member to audition for any subsequent LYT productions until the money is paid in full to LYT.


Adopted November 2, 2012