LYT Costume Care/Handling Policies

1)     When a costume is provided to a cast member through either our own costume closet, the Civic Center costume closet or a rental, great care should be made to return the costume in the condition in which it was received.

2)     Our costume department will set up several opportunities for costume returns.  Rentals will be returned after the last performance.  LYT or Civic Center costumes will be returned on the dates specified by our costumer once the production is over.

3)     Any abuse of an LYT provided costume may result in a fine to the cast member to offset the cost of repairs.

4)     Consequences of mis-handling/non-return of costumes:

a.      A fine subject to the cost of repairs will be levied for any costumes turned in with abuse related damage.

b.     A fine subject to the value of the costume will be levied for any LYT provided costume that is not turned in.

c.      A fine of $15 will be levied for any costumes turned in late, after the final turn-in date for a particular show.

d.     A cast member will not be eligible to audition for any subsequent LYT productions until they have paid costume fines (they may turn a late  costume and pay a $15 late fee).

Adopted November 2, 2012