LYT Cast Member and Crew Responsibilities & Expectations

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Lexington Youth Theatre

Cast Member and Crew Responsibilities & Expectations

Being a part of an LYT production is a big responsibility and commitment.  You are a member of a team and in order for the team to function well, all team members need to be present and working together.  We want to put on a production that you, your family and friends will be proud of and that takes a whole lot of dedication and work!!

  • Do not come to practice if you have any symptoms of sickness or if someone in your household is positive for COVID.
  • Must attend rehearsals when you are scheduled.  Absences are expected to be kept to a minimum. Please text Nita Jarrett if you will be absent.  336-250-3339
  • You are expected to indicate all conflicts on the conflict sheet included in the audition materials.  Please notify Nita as soon as an unforeseen conflict becomes known.
  • Be ON Time for drop off and pick up!
  • Tech Week Required—no excuses!! All cast members are expected to be present for the last two weeks before the production (that includes tech week). Tech week, the week leading up to the production will involve long hours and everyone (crew included) needs to participate. Tech week starts the Saturday before the performance and runs every day, including Sunday through the last performance.
  • ONLY Cast members, crew, and parent volunteers will be allowed at rehearsals. We do not have the parent volunteer staff to supervise children that are not involved in the production.
  • No theft: If a cast or crewmember is found to be “helping themselves” to other people’s property, they will be dropped from the production—no excuses.
  • Respect and obey those in authority: All cast and crew are expected to follow instructions from LYT board members, parent volunteers, and to respect those in authority. This will include, but not be limited to, not talking, not eating, and putting away cell phones, other electronic devices, games and distractions when asked.
  • Zero tolerance for disrespectful and inappropriate behavior: Cast members and crew alike, are expected to behave like “Ladies and Gentlemen” at all LYT rehearsals and functions.
  • We have all ages and backgrounds participating in LYT. Cast and crew should keep their hands to themselves.  No Public Displays of Affection.
  • Respect rehearsal and performance spaces. There will be no tolerance for destructive or disruptive behaviors.
  • Only water will be allowed in the rehearsal space.