Please bring a head shot with the 3 printed and filled out forms below.  Wear comfortable clothing and come prepared with a 16 measure vocal piece.

Please download the following forms and fill them out before auditions. You must bring these forms with you. All forms are PDFs.

1. Waiver of Liability

2. Contact Medical Release

3. LYT Audition-Form

4. COVID Form

Thinking About Auditioning?

Between 50-70 children K-12 participate in LYT productions. Unlike some youth theatre companies, we do our very best not cut children during the audition process. Unfortunately, sometimes we must make cuts simply due to capacity issues. We do try to find parts for everyone who wants to participate, as long as children and parents agree to the cast member responsibilities. 

Being in an LYT production is a serious time commitment.  Rehearsals are typically four days a week (Monday – Thursday) from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. for about eight weeks, at our rehearsal space at 4 E. 3rd Ave.  in Lexington. During the final week of rehearsals (“tech week”) all rehearsals are required.  Tech week starts the Saturday before the weekend of the show and includes Sunday afternoon. Be prepared to stay late if needed.

Many community theatre companies charge participation fees of $400-$500 per child. We do not. While our expenses are the same as these other companies, we choose instead to ask parents to help raise funds in a variety of ways to make up the difference. The out-of-pocket cost to participate in an LYT production is typically less than $50 per child, which includes script rental, costume rental, and food during tech week.

Lexington Youth Theatre General Age Guidelines

A person auditioning for an LYT production must be 5 years old by August 31st and in Kindergarten, and no older than 18 by August 31st or High School graduation, whichever comes first.

This is in line with the Davidson County public school ages for K-12 grades. (Adopted September 2008 Board Meeting)

Parents of children K-2nd grade:  A parent or adult chaperone 18 or older must be present at all rehearsals.

Lexington, NC