Parent Information

Thank you for participating with your child in Lexington Youth Theatre!

Please review the Cast Member Responsibilities and help your child meet these expectations.

See the Support Your Actor page for Break-a-Leg ads, flowers, and more.

If you are auditioning, be sure to see the Audition Information and Forms and bring completed forms with you!

For the 2023/2024 Season . . .

* Rehearsals are Monday through Friday from 4:00 until 6:00.  Additional days may be added as the show gets closer.

* Cast list will be posted on the main page of our website.  If you accept your part, it is mandatory for you to email Nita Jarrett at with your acceptance.

* Please drop off and pick up your children at the appropriate time.

*Cast Members may miss ONLY three unexcused rehearsals!  Absence due to illness, family emergency, and school event are considered to be excused.   Please contact Nita Jarrett, at 336-250-3339 or email if you are going to be out or late for rehearsal!

* ALL TECH WEEK REHEARSALS ARE REQUIRED—Tech week starts the Saturday before the weekend of the show and includes Sunday afternoon.  Be prepared to stay late if needed.

*No cast members, siblings, or friends should be hanging around inside/ outside unsupervised.

*Please respect the LYT property by picking up personal belongings.

*All parents must volunteer—fill out volunteer form and sign behavior code at bottom.

*Please bring bottled water only to rehearsal! No gum or food is allowed at rehearsals.

* Any questions regarding rehearsals should be directed to Nita Jarrett.  Please do not contact the directors with questions or messages. Email Nita at

Continue to check our Website and Facebook for updates!