Mary Poppins Cast List

Thank you all so much for auditioning! We had a fantastic group of young people
audition, which made it challenging for the directors. We cannot wait to get the
production underway! Please respond to to accept or decline your
role by Saturday, January 21st at 6 PM. For those with a star by your name, please
continue to the bottom of the cast list to ensure you have seen all roles.

*indicates multiple parts, and cast members should look through the entire cast list.
** More Sweeps are subject to be added by Monica
*** More Ensemble roles are TBA

Bert-Isaac Jenkins
George Banks-Brayden Daugherty
Winifred Banks-Abigail Wilson*
Jane Banks-Olivia Trouth
Michael Banks-Grayson Humphrey
Katie Nanna-Faith Traversy*
Policeman/Von Hussler-Luke Snyder
Miss Lark-Eva Walters
Admiral Boom/Bank Chairman/Valentine-Bryant Allen*
Mrs. Brill-Makenna Hedrick
Robertson Ay-Noah Dagenhardt*
Mary Poppins-Katy Smith
Park Keeper/Northbrook-Bryson Frick
Neleus-Madison Belancin*
Queen Victoria-Sara Herrington*
Miss Smythe/Teddy Bear-Gentry Smith*
Bird Woman/Miss Andrew-Skylar Hutchens*
Mrs. Correy-Maia Cooper*
Fannie Allison Dagenhardt*
Annie-Callie Isenhour*
Honey Bunny-Sarah Hawkins*
Mrs. Punch-Carolina Tracy*
Rag Doll-Isabella Byerly*
Messenger-Gabe Herbert*

Toy Ensemble:
6 Toy Soldiers:
Jordyn Baker*, Brinlee Embry*,
Mady Gatewood*, Faith Traversy,
Madison Belancin, Sara Herrington

Baby Bear-Lilly Snyder*
Papa Bear-Merit Baldwin*
Dolly-Kali Walker*
Dolly-Austen Oxendine*
Dolly-Lynn Koontz*
Ballerina-Skylar Newsome*

Ensemble: Park Strollers, Customers, Kite Flyers
Gabe Herbert, Isaiah Traversy,
Miah Abreu, Adrianna Browning,
Isabella Byerly, Callie Isenhour,
Kayleigh Nash, Brinlee Embry,
Lynn Koontz, Lilly Snyder,
Zoey Johnson, Allison Dagenhardt,
Sarah Hawkins, Jordyn Baker,
Austen Oxendine, Jace Hartley,
Katy Beth Carter, Allyson Steele*,
Kadyn Hutchens*, Mady Gatewood,
Skylar Newsome, Kali Walker,
Merit Baldwin, Carolina Tracy,
Madison Belancin

Gentry Smith, Faith Traversy,
Brinlee Embry, Kayleigh Nash,
Sara Herrington, Allyson Steele,
Skylar Newsome, Maia Cooper,
Noah Dagenhardt

Gentry Smith, Faith Traversy,
Brinlee Embry, Mady Gatewood,
Kadyn Hutchens, Skylar Hutchens,
Bryant Allen

Dance Captains:
Abigail Wilson
Skylar Hutchens