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LYT Contact Information


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 187, Lexington, NC, 27293

Rehearsal Space

4 E. 3rd Ave., Lexington, NC, 27292

Main Contact

Parents/Cast, please call Nita if you will miss rehearsal or otherwise need to get in touch with LYT.

336/250-3339 (cell)


Board Member Contact Information


Nita Jarrett, President

336-250-3339 (cell)


Mary Howe, Vice President

336-749-8732 (cell)


Onda Goins, Treasurer

336-596-9235 (cell)


Michele Shoaf, Secretary

336-596-6546 (cell)


Evelyn Harris, President Emeritus

336-242-3574 (cell)


Ashley Eskridge

336-682-0755 (cell)


Debbie Phillips



Dawn Dempsey



Karen Riggs

336-596-6836 (cell)


Leslie Ward

336-847-2607 (cell)


Tammy Everhart

336-596-6543 (cell)


Vonnette Hedrick

336-470-4462 (cell)


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