Save the Date for The Little Mermaid Auditions

Audition Dates-August 22nd and 23rd           Callbacks August 25th
Come audition for Disney’s Little Mermaid. We are seeking a large ensemble cast from 3rd through 12th grade for this production. 🧜‍♀️
*202 North Main Street, Lexington. Parking and entrance are around the back of the building.
All auditioners need to come prepared with music and be prepared to sing up to 16 bars. Wear comfortable shoes for dance. Please bring printed forms with a headshot. (Forms are located on the LYT website.)
Audition dates: August 22nd and 23rd. Sign-in will start at 3:30. You must be signed in by 5:30 to audition.
Character Breakdown

A mermaid and King Triton's youngest daughter. She is obsessed with everything about the human world, and dreams of becoming a part of life above the water. Hardheaded, naive, and emotional, but also kind hearted.

Prince Eric
A human monarch who has no interest of taking the crown. A handsome, affable lad with a buoyant, adventurous nature. After Ariel saves his life, he becomes obsessed with finding her and hearing her voice once more.

Prince Eric's British guardian. Droll, stuffy, and constantly urging Eric towards his royal duties, specifically marriage.

A fish and smitten with Ariel, his best friend. Rambunctious but cautious, fearful of the dangers that lurk in and above the water.

A disheveled seagull and expert in human artifacts. Loudmouthed, optimistic, and a bit ignorant, despite his supposed expertise.

King Triton
King of the Sea and Ariel's father. Beneath his imposing presence and commanding nature lurks a harried single father who will do anything to protect his daughters. The death of his wife has also given him an irrational fear of humans.

A crab and advisor to King Triton. A musical virtuoso who is constantly distraught from keeping after Ariel. Despite his paranoia, he can't bring himself to stand in Ariel's way.

An eel and one of Ursula's lackeys. Oily and spineless, he will say anything you want or need to hear.

An eel and one of Ursula's lackeys. Oily and spineless, he will say anything you want or need to hear.

The banished Sea Witch and sister of King Triton. Supposedly spurned at childhood, she will use whatever method necessary to steal the kingdom and claim it as her own. Malevolent, calculating, and deceptive.

Chef Louis
The French palace chef, diabolical and violent. A culinary perfectionist with an affinity for blades, seafood in particular.

Crew Members (Pilot, Sailors); Sea Creatures; Mersisters (Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella, Allana); Gulls; Maids; Chefs; Animals; Princesses

2022/2023 Season

Fall 2022-November 11th, 12th, 13th                         The Little Mermaid

Spring 2023-March 24th, 25th, 26th                                    Mary Poppins

Lexington, NC